Planning Process

Our Unique 4 Stage Event Management Process:

1.    Conceptualization

We will hone in on your overall goals and vision. This includes determining budget, location, actionable content, timing, and attendees/target audience. 

2.    Strategic Planning 

Every event is different reflecting different levels of planning complexity. During this stage, we build a system to track tasks and we dig into the creative design elements that are key to creating lasting impressions. We take the time-consuming research off your plate.

  • Agenda - Site/Venue Selection, Vendor Sourcing, Contract Negotiations, Timeline, Promotion, Logistics, Attendee Management (communications regarding the event and registration process)
  • Creative – Innovative Technology, Brand Elevation, Contemporary Ideas, Incentives/Gifts, Attendee Engagement

3.    Onsite Execution 

With thoughtful and expert planning, comes flawless implementation . We set expectations with all individuals involved for responsibilities during the event. We plan for the expected, but always have contingencies in place to plan for the unexpected; therefore, we handle event crisis with ease.

4.    Post-Event Evaluations

This feature sets us apart from all other Event Management companies. Post evaluations are a very important feature to measure event success and strategize for improvements for future events.