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Whoever it was that coined the phrase failing to plan is planning to fail got it right. For me, no matter what day of the week it is, it’s sure to be filled with some combination of professional, parental and familial challenge. And not unlike most everyone else, my day is full-time, on all fronts… weekends and holidays included!

But I am, and always have been, a consummate planner. Before my alarm rings in the morning, I’m already clear about what’s on deck for the day. I’ve strategized a game plan that’ll keep me, and anyone else involved, on time, with a clear view of each goal to be achieved along the way.

But I know you might be thinking, when’s the last time things actually went according to plan. Flights get canceled and delayed. Keynote speakers fall unexpectedly ill. Outdoor events get cut short due to weather. It’s true, the number of unexpected forces that appear each day that serve to block our paths and otherwise disrupt our efforts, is great. And let’s be honest, the unexpected forces over which we have any control are limited. By any argument, it’s probably a very small number.

After all the time and effort spent putting together a fool-proof plan, all kinds of things are going to happen, each beyond your control, forcing you to have to adjust or even change your goal. Right? So, what’s the point of planning? After all, if you know where you’re headed, are clear about the goal, know how much you can spend, etc., why not just wing it?

I believe that the true purpose and value of planning is not the plan itself. Instead, a plan is merely an ideal path that, for every event or activity, is there to lead us toward the achievement of our goals and objectives. And, when unexpected forces hinder our desired outcomes, it is the very simple and singular fact alone of being on a path, that affords us the ability to make any adjustment, accommodation or change needed to achieve our stated goals.

Every business organization has objectives and goals, the achievement of which has been mapped, in advance, forming a clear path for all to see. And, within the organization, every activity, including meetings and events, is envisioned within a framework that, at a minimum, supports those objectives and goals.

Successful meetings and events are designed to inspire, invigorate and accelerate achievement. I believe that business is driven by and through those activities that bring people together to achieve. I founded on plan to be able to work with organizations that believe in the power of path.

Danielle Vecchiarelli is the Founder, President & CEO of on plan. Originally from Illinois, Danielle moved to Colorado while in high school and later received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Colorado State University. Prior to founding on plan, her professional career developed in the oil and gas industry, where she upheld critical management and leadership roles in strategic corporate planning and asset management. The success of her efforts rested entirely upon her ability to clearly identify objectives and, thereafter, formulate, organize, and execute a cohesive plan. Her exceptional complex problem-solving skills promoted creative solutions, ultimately driving profitability. Over the years, Danielle’s goal-based achievement strategies were readily adopted throughout the organization, providing her with the motivation, and opportunity, to create on plan. 

Events need lots of planning. It can be overwhelming without experience or a detailed eye as to what needs to be accomplished. We are expert organizers who create flawless timelines. We have a large network of venues and vendors which ensures your event will have reputable contractors and and affords you the best possible pricing. We always have contingency plans, so we’re prepared for the unexpected. Best of all, you can leave all the difficult decisions to us and truly be a guest at your event.
All meetings are events, but not all events are meetings. A meeting is a group gathering with a business intent or educational purpose. Meetings typically include an agenda and simple setup. Events commemorate, celebrate, or raise awareness. The possibilities are endless, so you tell us your vision and we put a plan together to bring it to life.
We are located in Denver, CO. While most of our clients are headquartered locally, their events take us all across the US. We are very comfortable planning events in locations we’ve never been to before, thanks to our nationwide network of venues and vendors.
We offer full-service meeting and event planning; however, if you require a service that we do not offer, we are prepared to work with you to ensure it gets addressed.Those services include, but are not limited to, speech writing and managing social media, etc.